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Vocal Coaching

Dr Bernard Tan is an established vocal coach and opera répétiteur. He serves as a regular coach in Veneto Opera Summer School in Italy, and has worked as a coach in opera productions in Italy, Canada, UK, USA and Malaysia. His extensive experience working with singers of all levels makes Bernard a highly-demanded collaborator and coach. Director of Opera Emporio, tenor Richard Owens, has commended Bernard of having "a thorough understanding of the way the texts work with different voices"; and soprano Dr. Rose Mannino has "always felt supported and connected musically and interpretatively when working with him."

As a vocal coach, Bernard is known for his understanding of the styles and interpretations of the different genres of vocal music, from German lieder to French mélodies, from Mozart recitatives to the Italian verismo arias. His competency in lyric diction also makes him a go-to for language guidance for singers.


For enquiries about vocal coaching or to book a coaching with Dr Bernard Tan, please contact here.

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